May 2021 Newsletter

This newsletter advertises Ilan Pappe’s webinar, the last one in this series, in which we will hear about the role of the JNF in the Nakba – the first wave of the ongoing catastrophe for Palestinians in 1948. This is a topic of critical importance, especially given the ever-strengthening acceptance of the fact that Israel is guilty of the crimes of Apartheid and Persecution: the Nakba was a seminal event in the construction of Israeli Apartheid, and the JNF played (and still plays) a crucial role in this crime against humanity.

Also included: links to the Human Rights Watch Report on Israel’s crimes of Apartheid and Persecution, an update on the Sumarin family of East Jerusalem, a piece on JNF UK’s support for pre-military academies and how to catch up on past webinars. See the newsletter here:  May Newsletter 2