Plant a Tree in Palestine

Launch of Plant-a-Tree in Palestine

Plant a Tree in Palestine was launched in 2011 as a joint project of the Middle East Children’s Alliance, the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall), the Palestinian Farmers Union, and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

The project is part of the Stop the JNF campaign. It is not possible to replace what is lost when people are displaced, land and a way of life is destroyed, 1,000 year old olive trees uprooted. In Palestine scores of 2,000-year-old cities and historical sites are buried under JNF planted forests and parks. Rebuilding and replanting are acts of daily resistance in Palestine.

This project seeks to support the on-going struggle of Palestinians to sustain and rebuild their land by providing resources for villages to plant trees that are indigenous to Palestine’s natural environment and agricultural life.

Over time, the project will expand to collect funds for gardens in schools, playgrounds and community spaces that the JNF and State of Israel have also attempted to destroy.

2020 – A Re-commitment of the Project

1,000 olive trees planted in Kardala in the Jordan Valley

We are renewing our drive to support Palestinian resistance to the JNF by working with our partners, Stop the Wall, to plant more trees in Palestine. These trees have both a deeply symbolic and eminently practical function: we can all play a supportive role in the project.

Here’s an example of what can be done: This article shows an initiative from 2019 in Kardala in the Jordan Valley when Stop the Wall, in partnership with the Palestinian Farmers Union, planted 1000 olive trees to reclaim land classified a military zone.

The JNF boasts of having planted over 250 million trees in Palestine since1901, claiming that the results have been “transformative and breath-taking.”

Jonathan Cook documents some of the breath-takingly damaging effects of the JNF’s work in this article, showing that the JNF “is uprooting Palestinians, not planting trees” and underscoring the truth that JNF’s real agenda has always been to evict the indigenous people on behalf of the Israeli state, eradicating the historical truth.

To support the project, make a donation and your money will go to Stop the Wall, who will plant the trees on our behalf.