Sumarin Family case: MPs respond.

Earlier this year (2021) we reported that Israel’s Supreme Court backed down from evicting the Sumarin family and passed the decision to the representative of the state, the Attorney General. This is a move which clearly indicates where the responsibility lies for demolition of Palestinian homes throughout the Occupied Territories: with the Israeli apartheid regime itself and its willing agents, JNF and Elad.

All Members of the UK Parliament were informed about the Supreme Court case in advance and were asked to make fresh representations to Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary. Sheffield MPs responded collectively here. The link which opens up gives you access to the letter and also  takes you to an earlier message sent by the same group to Dominic Raab. 

We welcome the move and urge all MPs to speak up for the family and against the mass expulsions in East Jerusalem: please ask your MP to speak up.