Climate Justice not Ethnic Cleansing: keep the JNF out of COP26.

Climate change has finally risen to the top of the agenda for urgent environmental action. The language of the recent IPCC scientific report has become more strident and the heat is on world leaders to cut carbon dioxide emissions quickly. The global mechanism for coordinating climate change policy, the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) will meet for its 26th session in Glasgow in November.

The COPs are being cynically exploited by the JNF, which has been granted observer status by the UN and boasts that it regularly participates in the Israeli delegation to such events. Environmentalists are telling the JNF that it is not welcome in Glasgow and that efforts at tackling climate change should not be used as greenwash for covering up ethnic cleansing. Please sign the declaration Keep the JNF out of COP26.

Alongside the main COP26, where world leaders will be negotiating, civil society will be mobilising to keep the pressure on. The COP26 Coalition has called for 48 hours of action on November 5th and 6th to demand climate justice, including major demonstrations in Glasgow and London on Saturday 6th and multiple local protests throughout Britain and the world. Stop the JNF will be joining the actions, supporting climate justice, opposing the JNF’s ethnic cleansing. 7th – 10th November will be a People’s Summit for Climate Justice. Look out for events by Stop the JNF in collaboration with the Palestine COP26 Coalition.

COP26 Coalition events – see here. 

  • 5th-6th November: 48 hours of action for climate justice
  • 6th November: demonstrations in Glasgow, London and near you
  • 7th–10th November: People’s Summit for Climate Justice

The COP26 coalition has recognised that indigenous peoples in settler colonies are at the forefront of the damage of the fossil fuel industry, from oil and gas extraction through to the destruction caused by climate change and the ‘false solutions’ of corporations. The Zionist colonisation of Palestine results in water apartheid, land grabbing and food and fuel insecurity for Palestinians. A just transition to a fossil free future demands decolonisation of resources and an end to the JNF’s 120 year long oppression of the Palestinian people.