Keep the JNF out of COP 26

A declaration of civil society organisations

We the undersigned civil society organisations and individuals declare that the Jewish National Fund (JNF), as an institutionalised form of racial discrimination responsible for ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people, has no place in COP26. The JNF is a relic of Europe’s colonial past, and today uses an environmental veneer to greenwash over 100 years of ethnic cleansing.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF, also known by its Hebrew name Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, KKL) is an Israeli para-statal company established in 1901 in Britain for the sole purpose of the colonisation of Palestine by obtaining Palestinian land and, as ‘custodian for the Jewish people’, making it available solely for Jewish settlers. It claims to be the oldest green organisation in the world. It has offices in over 70 countries, in many of which it enjoys charitable or tax-exempt status, thereby being subsidised by taxpayers, which it justifies by raising funds for ‘environmental improvements’ in Israel. It has been granted observer status by the United Nations to the Conferences of Parties (COP) to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC).

However, the JNF remains established for the primary purpose of ethnic cleansing – to replace the indigenous Palestinian population of all religions with an entirely Jewish settler population. Throughout its existence, events demonstrate that it has practiced ethnic cleansing resulting in apartheid – expelling and segregating Palestinians – often in collaboration with the Israeli military and other Zionist militias. Its manifestation as an environmental organisation is a recently adopted greenwash for its real purpose.

As civil society organisations concerned with climate change and promoting equity and social justice between people, and individuals, we condemn racism, ethnic cleansing and the destruction of the environment which results from such practices. We declare that the JNF is not welcome in COP26 and call on all civil society organisations to join our campaign and to have no association with the JNF.