JNF UK: one branch of the worldwide KKL-JNF, building Israeli apartheid together.

The JNF UK stresses in its publicity that it is separate and distinct from the Israeli KKL, yet much evidence contradicts this.   KKL JNF is, in fact, a worldwide body, with global offices and branches, united for the same purpose of ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

This close linkage is confirmed by an agreement between the two organisations, dated 12th November 2008, which includes the following points: 

  • “The KKL agreed to grant to JNFCT a 50-year licence to use trademarks in connection with its charitable object, subject to payment”.
  • “JNFCT and KKL agreed to co-operate to identify projects in Israel which are suitable for funding by JNFCT.  JNFCT will remit a majority of its charitable funds (net of expenses and excluding monies donated for specified purposes) to those projects.”
  • “JNFCT must pay all donations to projects in Israel through KKL, provided that where the project is not administered by KKL, KKL will pay the relevant donation to the party administering the project forthwith without any deduction or set-off.”

In 2010, a solidarity visit of the JNF UK to Israel served as a good opportunity for the Chairman, Samuel Hayek, to mark the end of a longstanding disagreement which had temporarily caused a rift between the JNF UK and KKL-JNF. Hayek declared: “The message that I am conveying to the world today is that JNF UK has returned to the bosom of the large global family of KKL-JNF…”. In its coverage of the trip, the Jewish Chronicle referred to JNF UK as “one of its (KKL-JNF’s) most important branches in the world.”

On its part, KKL/JNF publicity clearly presents JNF UK in the same way,  as its UK-based branch, undercutting the JNF UK’s assertion of it having a separate and independent standing.

Whilst the different national branches may have separate legal status, as required of them to fundraise in the jurisdiction in which they operate, nevertheless, as documented by the KKL JNF periodic publication, The Fruits of Our Partnership,  they collaborate closely in Israel/Palestine, jointly managing projects and pursuing  common objectives. The 2017 publication lists 27 joint projects involving JNF UK.  Declaring a shared strategic vision  The European KKL-JNF Leadership Conference of 2017 stated:  “Working together with KKL-JNF Israeli leadership, the KKL-JNF leadership in Europe will determine where they are headed over the next two years, by defining their vision, goals and objectives in the national interest of Israel.”(emphasis in original)


Finally, an obvious observation: if JNF UK did not share KKL’s raison d’etre it is inconceivable that it would be permitted to continue to share the name. JNF UK and KKL-JNF are part of the same global family, building Israeli apartheid to the massive detriment of the Palestinian people.