Friends of the Earth Scotland endorses call for action against the JNF

28 May 2011
Stop the JNF Campaign

Scotland’s leading environmental campaigning organisation today voted unanimously to support the campaign to Stop the JNF.

Stan BlackleyStan Blackley

Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland

“Our members at today‚Äôs AGM voted overwhelmingly to endorse the international call to stop the JNF. At today’s land rights conference the activities of the JNF were brought to the attention of our members, supporters and interested members of the public. Our organisation is pleased to join the call for the revocation for the JNF’s charitable status in the UK and to help raise awareness on this little known issue.”

Andy WightmanAndy Wightman

Author of ‘Who Owns Scotland’ and ‘The Poor had no Lawyers’, independent writer and researcher on issues of land and democracy. Keynote speaker (‘Land rights in Scotland and Palestine’) at 2011 Friends of the Earth Scotland Conference Land Rights Conference in Edinburgh.

“I am delighted that Friends of the Earth Scotland has voted to endorse the call to stop the JNF. The JNF has played a central role in the expropriation of Palestinian land and it is high time that it was exposed for the crimes it has been complicit in committing.”