Stop the JNF newsletters update. June 2023

A change in medium: We have started to use a new format for our newsletters, switching from drafting the newsletters on Canva and then emailing them out,  to using Mailchimp. There are some advantages to Mailchimp, as we are finding. 

However, one hitch we have found with some  gmail addresses  is that our newsletters have gone into the  Promotions, not the Primary box. Can we ask people to check Promotions and move the newsletters to Primary by dragging and dropping, then filling in the requisite permission to do this for all such emails, which will pop up.  This will label our Mailchimp newsletters for the future as destined for your Primary Inbox.

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The last two Newsletters: In case you missed them, below you’ll find details of the last two newsletters.

East Jerusalem Updates : May 2023.

This newsletter gives updates on the long struggle of the Sumarin family to remain in their East Jerusalem home. Their (qualified) victory represents a setback for the JNF. We also look at key co-conspirators in the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem: JNF /Himanuta, Elad and millionaire Roman Abramovich. East Jerusalem is a site where the rigorous academic and scientific discipline is being undermined by Zionist politics – evidence of this is shown in the newsletter.

75 Years of the Nakba: April 2023

This newsletter addresses many aspects of the Nakba and shows how the central phenomenon of settler colonial elimination of the Palestinians has operated – and still operates – today. We offer views from Ben White, Ilan Pappe and Jonathan Cook, as well as examining the role of the JNF in the ongoing Nakba and the Plant a Tree in Palestine campaign which challenges land theft.