Projects aimed at specific sectors internationally

  1. BLM & anti-racist campaigners
    JNF anti-racism-themed forests cover crime scenes of racist massacre.

    The JNF Coretta Scott King Forest appropriates the anti-racist legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the service of Israeli state-driven racism. The organization promotes the Coretta Scott King Forest as a symbol of “commitment to peace and justice” but the forest covers up destroyed Palestinian villages, including Ayn al-Zaytoun, the cold-blooded massacre of whose inhabitants the JNF helped facilitate.

    The JNF Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Forest near Nazareth dishonours Dr. King’s legacy by covering up the evidence of racist dispersal attacks on Palestinian communities and the destruction of their homes.
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  2. Anti-fascists, opponents of military dictatorships
    JNF Anti-fascism-themed Forest conceals torched Palestinian villages and Israeli collusion with mass killings of Argentine Jews

    The JNF Memoria Forest covers ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages, including Jimzu, which Israeli records reported in July 1948, “Our forces are clearing the Innaba-Jimzu-Daniyal area and are torching everything that can be burned.” The Forest planted over the torched villages is promoted as a symbol of tolerance and anti-fascism, specifically a tribute to those 3,000 Jewish Argentinians among the 30,000 who died at the hands of the Nazi-style Argentine Junta.

    But Israel helped to arm and train the military officers who carried out the mass killings of 1976-83. At the height of the Junta’s terror, the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires reported that  there was “no country in the world in which so many Argentine officers were staying simultaneously for the purposes of weapons procurement, training, etc.”*.
     *At the end of the dictatorship…Human Rights Secretary Eduardo Luis Duhalde…interviewed in Europe Mr. Peregrino Fernandez, a policeman who broke down and confessed to much of the atrocities committed by him and his cronies. Peregrino, during the lengthy confession, gave details of how Herzl Inbar, minister counselor of the Israeli Embassy in Argentina, gave “counterinsurgency instructions”. Argentinian newspaper, Pagina 12 on 27th November 2009

  3. Christians
    JNF Balfour Forest
    conceals ethnically cleansed village despite inspiring Muslim-Christian solidarity
    In 1948 the Golani Brigade emptied Al Mujaydil, now under the JNF Balfour Forest, of all its inhabitants and razed every home to the ground.  In 1950, following the intervention of the Pope, Israel offered all the Christian members of the village community the opportunity to move back but the Christians refused to return while their Muslim neighbours remained refugees. This inspiring example of communal solidarity at great personal cost contrasts with the cruelty  and racism of so many Christian Zionists, and Lord Balfour’s racist contempt for all Palestinians as well as his extreme anti-semitism.