Plant a Tree Update and our next Funding Target: Masafer Yatta.

Our partners in Palestine work with farmers on the ground to identify the best strategic locations for tree planting which both support those battling to hold on to their land by cultivating it and specify the most ecologically suitable trees/plants for that area: usually olives or vines are chosen, depending on the circumstances.

Our latest contribution: We recently sent £2000 across to Palestine to secure olives and vines. This sum has been generated over a period of time and one particular event hosted by a Palestinian hotelier raised over £1000 pounds.

Plant a Tree as a Gift: This aspect of the campaign was launched over Christmas but is equally valid all year round. We encourage people to make their donation as a special present for someone, (£5 per planted tree). Gift donations receive a certificate which can be passed to the person in whose name the donation was made. The launch of the Plant a Tree as a Gift raised over £900. This is currently held in reserve towards our next planting project, Masafer Yatta.

Plant a Tree: Next Funding Target

Masafer Yatta: The situation in Masafer Yatta is rightly causing international outrage: another “Firing Zone” initiated; another round of ethnic cleansing as a prelude to replacing the indigenous population with illegal settlers.

The background to this forcible eviction is here on our website, as is the story of Hajjah Fatima al Huraini . We celebrate the fortitude of people like Hajjah Fatimah of Masafer Yatta. She survived the Nakba and remained committed to the nurturing of Palestinian life on the land until her death. Her descendants have given us permission to share her story and – around her central narrative – we have built a contextual frame, showing how she is emblematic of so many Palestinians who will not surrender their legitimate claims to their homeland.

  • Download the leaflet here or get in touch to ask for some copies to be sent to your group.
  • For more information and to make a donation see this page.
  • Date for your Diary: March 30th, Land Day. We aim to stage a fund-raising webinar on this special day.