JNF’s Slick (or should that be sick?) Publicity

October 2022: The JNF UK is pretty good at pushing out glossy, slick publicity. This JNF UK video needs to be watched to the end (it’s only 3 minutes long) to see the breathtakingly arrogant way they try to make us, living in the UK, complicit with their ambitions.  Look at the final frames where a map of Palestine, from the river to the sea, is covered with the names of  UK towns and cities, next to the caption “JNF UK is 100% Israel.”

But click here to see a Stop the JNF counterblast.

A recent similarly misleading advert can be seen here, suggesting that JNF is only about helping the needy, specifically those in the impoverished “south”. Of course, the JNF means Israeli Jewish people, not the indigenous Palestinians.  Ironically, the name of the JNF campaign includes the words “Building Hope”. It should say “Destroying Palestinian lives.”

This article from +972 offers a response to this set of misleading boasts. It shows the weaponisation by the JNF of tree-planting, and exposes the close links between the JNF, the Israeli state and the military when it comes to ethnic cleansing – uprooting Palestinians and planting trees.

The Fundraising Regulatory body, which should ensure that charities do not mislead the public in their materials, has turned a blind eye to copious evidence of the JNF doing just that: pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. See here for details