Decolonizing Climate Emergency: COP 26 Coalition event. April 23rd 2021

Climate change and its impacts are being manipulated as yet another Israeli tool for the eviction and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. However, global environmental activists, who rightly defends indigenous peoples’ struggles elsewhere, are too often silent when it comes to the connections between climate change and the Palestinian struggle against Israeli colonisation. An obvious example of this is how the Jewish National Fund (JNF), one of the core drivers of the [settler] colonization of Palestine is not being challenged by the climate justice movement around the world.

Registered as an environmental charity, the JNF was established to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Currently, the JNF is active in the de facto and de jure annexation of Occupied West Bank, which is deemed illegal under International Law.

In this session, the Palestine Cop26 Coalition and Stop the JNF Campaign, UK expose the JNF’s greenwash and shed light on the urgency of supporting Palestinian grassroots struggle as part of the decolonization of climate emergency: Challenging the JNF in multiple countries and keeping it out of any climate emergency response like the COP26. Jamal Juma, the coordinator of Stop the Wall and long-standing Palestinian activists as well as other international anticolonial environmentalists will be speaking in the session. The session will also include film footage of popular struggles against JNF’s colonization within and outside Palestine.


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