Stop the JNF Webinar: “The Villages under JNF Parks and Forests.” Saturday, December 5th, 4.00pm London time.


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The JNF (Jewish National Fund) solicits contributions around the world to build parks and forests to cover up crime scenes across Israel/Palestine.

Join Mick Napier in conversation with Heidi Grunebaum from S Africa, Palestinian Kholoud Ajarma, and  representatives of BDS Stuttgart and Stop the JNF Canada.

* Heidi Grunebaum’s film, “The Village under the Forest”, deals with Israel’s ‘South Africa Forest’ and the Palestinian village of Lubya that lies underneath it.
* Palestinian Kholoud Ajarma’s family landed property is now under the British Park.
* BDS Stuttgart is researching the victims of the ‘German Lander Forests’ in Israel to build a solidarity link with the Palestinian direct victims of that crime.
* Our Canadian contributor will explain the 1991 CBC film, “Park with no Peace”. Canada Park lies over three Palestinian villages destroyed and ‘cleansed’ in 1967 of their Palestinian inhabitants by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Yitzhak Rabin.