Vimeo film: “JNF UK – a Travesty of Charity”by Angela Martin.

This Vimeo film, “JNF UK – a Travesty of Charity,” made by Angela Martin in support of Stop JNF UK, gives concise background information about the JNF UK, exposes some of the false claims it makes and highlights, in particular, the case of Ajjur. This Palestinian village was ethnically cleansed in 1948 and later occupied and developed by JNF UK into British Park, whilst the land’s rightful owners became – and remain – refugees.  The film outlines the case  Kholoud al Ajarma took to the Charity Commission,  on behalf of her family (originally from Ajjur, now resident in Aida Camp, Bethlehem). This case called for the removal of charitable status from the JNF UK. The film gives the outcome of that case and illustrates the contention that JNF UK is not fit to hold charitable status.