The JNF as a Pillar of Israeli Apartheid (1967-present)

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Reading Materials for July 4th

Al Araqib Action Committee and Forensic Architecture working in partnership: video and project.

Since 2015, Forensic Architecture (FA) has worked alongside the families of al-Araqib to provide historical and juridical evidence not only to support their own claims to their land, but on behalf of communities throughout the illegalised Palestinian Bedouin villages at the northern threshold of the Naqab desert.

Forced displacement and illegalisation of these communities cuts them off from infrastructure and erases them from maps, while land works and afforestation transform their land, erasing and obscuring the material remains and evidence of their enduring inhabitation of the region.

The Crime of apartheid in Israel: a briefing from al-Shabaka.

“This al-Shabaka policy brief, by Yara Harawi, establishes the basics of apartheid as a crime under international law, and shows how it functions in Israel. The brief outlines the key nationality/citizenship distinction, and how it operates to discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel across all aspects of their lives.”

Human Rights Watch: Israel’s discriminatory Land Regime.

 “This Human Rights Watch report provides empirical evidence for the effects of Israel’s discriminatory land regime, confining Palestinian citizens to densely populated towns and villages, without the ability to expand. The 2020 report also covers the role of the JNF in setting up this system.”